What kind of content is available in Mplayer chat rooms?

It is our goal to provide a vehicle through which global communities of users can be created, and where members can exchange ideas and experiences and participate in events and entertainment that enrich their lives. “Adult” content is expressly prohibited except in the 18+ lobby. Mplayer reserves the right to determine what is and what is not “Adult” conduct on the Mplayer service. Mplayer reserves the right to monitor chat rooms and eject any user engaging in inappropriate behavior. Mplayer may terminate the subscription of any such user at its sole discretion. In the interest of trying to address the needs of the community, we are providing our users with an option as to the type of service they would like to participate in.

However, Mplayer is not responsible for any material viewed or heard that may be considered unsuitable for children. These chat rooms may contain material that parents find unsuitable for children under the age of 18. Parents are strongly urged to exercise great care in monitoring their child’s use of this service and are cautioned against the unsupervised use of this service by children under the age of 18.